James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Sylvanus Bourne, 25 April 1806

Amsterdam April 25. 1806.


In consequence of the late proceedings of the Prussian Govt. in taking possession of Hanover, shutting its Ports to the English &c., the Rivers Elbe, Weser, & Emms are declared to be in a state of Blockade. Shoud this information not have before reached the U States You will doubtless deem it of importance to be made known, if my information on this ⟨h⟩ead is regarded as sufficiently authentic; it is drawn from an endorsement made on the Register of the Ship Alonso Capt. Ansell Gibbs, from Charleston S. C. bound to Bremen, as follows "Boarded on the 17 April 1806 by his Brittanic Majestys Ship of War the Dauntless & informed that the Rivers Elbe, Weser & Emms are in a State of Blockade." Signed E Elwartts Lt. on which Cap. Gibbs resolved on Entering this Por⟨t.⟩

A Committee from the Hague has lately gon⟨e⟩ to Paris to consult with that Govt. on the Subj⟨ect⟩ of the change about to take place in this Gov⟨t.⟩ but it is generally thought that they will not s⟨u⟩cceed to alter the plan which has been fixed & that we may now shortly expect Princ⟨e⟩ Louis to take the reins of Govt upon him⟨self.⟩ The detail administration of the Country it ⟨is⟩ presumed will remain as before. I have the honor t⟨o be⟩ With great Respect Sir yr ob Serv⟨t⟩

S Bourn⟨e⟩

DNA: RG 59--CD--Consular Despatches, Amsterdam.

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