James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Richard Soderstrom, 1 April 1806

Washington April 1 1806


Well knowing how large a portion of your time is ingrossed by the Weightier Affairs of Government, I feel reluctance in trespassing on you for a moment with those of lesser concern; but the Interest of those I represent, to them of infinite importance, makes it indispensable that I should solicit an answer in writing to the note on the Subject of the Henrick & Her Cargo which I had the honor of addressing to you on the 28th: Ultimo. The numerous instances in which the Government of the United States have defended Cases similar in principles, inspire me with the utmost confidence in the propriety of my request, and the high Character for wisdom and integrity which Charactirises the Courts of the United States gives the fullest reason to expect a learned and impartial decision, on which those I represent are willing to repose. The Action of Trover is suggested as a mere formal action to try the right of Capiture and effect and Conclusioness of a foreign Siezure ⟨un⟩der the circumstances of the Case. In expectation of an answer in writing as early as you⟨r⟩ engagement will permit-- I have the Honor to remain with Sentiments of great resp⟨ect⟩ Sir Your most Obd: and very Hu⟨mble⟩ Servant

Richd: Söderström

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DNA: RG 59—NFC—Notes from Foreign Consuls.

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