James Madison Papers

To James Madison from Sylvanus Bourne, 23 March 1806

Amsterdam March 23 1806


The Mercury a Rotterdam Gazette printed in English has to day a paragraph (extracted from a London Paper) of the following tenor

"There is every prospect that our disputes with America will be amicably adjusted. An order to discharge all American Seamen from our Ships we understand has already been issued in consequence of which 25 Amn. Seamen were on Saturday discharged from La Ville de Milan Sir R Lewis⟨?⟩ lately returned from the Halifax Station." This connected with the fact of two American Masters lately detained & carried into England having recd a compensation for their detention goes to confirm the hope which is suggested in the preamble of the above paragraph.

Within a few days we have the report here that Prince Louis Bonaparte may be soon expected in this Country to reside as Chef de l’Etat or Governor General but whether the subordinate departments of Govt are to be filled by frenchmen is yet unknown & indeed on the nature of the arrangment in regard to the detail administration of the Court its future prosperity or decline will essentially d⟨epend⟩ This nation may be truly said to be a people sui generis, & the local nature of the Country seem⟨s⟩ to require that its affair’s have to be regulated by Dutchm⟨en⟩ to preserve it from inundation & consequent ru⟨in⟩

The Battle of Austerlitz like that of Marengo fo⟨rms⟩ a most interesting epoch in the history of Europ⟨e⟩ & the various modifications & changes which m⟨ay⟩ result to it therefrom are unforeseen & incalcu⟨lable⟩ With Sentiments of great esteem & respect I have the ⟨honor⟩ to be Sir yr ob Sert

S Bourne

PS As the season for strict quarantine of our ⟨vessells⟩ is again approaching I hope they may be al⟨l⟩ provided with certificates of health confir⟨med⟩ by the agents of this Country in our seve⟨ral⟩ Sea ports-- the want of which on former ⟨oc⟩casions has been attended with vexatious ⟨con⟩sequences

DNA: RG 59--CD--Consular Despatches, Amsterdam.

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