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Notes of Consultationswith Heads of Departments, 27 July 1807

27 July 1807

July 27. Defensive measures.

The places needing defence divided into 3. classes.

1. where batteries only need be provided to be guarded in common by a few men only, & to be manned, when necessary, by Militia.

2. places which, from their importance, require some stronger defence, but which from the forts already built, the difficulty of access, and the strength of their adjacent population need only repairs, some inconsiderable additions to their works & garrisons.

3. places which from their importance, & ease of access by land or water, may be objects of attack, & which from the weakness of their population, difficulties of defence &c will need particular attention and provision.

in distributing the Seaports into these classes, their importance so far as depends on their tonnage, collection of import, exports domestic, & foreign may be estimated from a table prepared by the Secy. of the Treasy. which see.

1st. Class may be taken from that table readily: perhaps some places not in that may require some defence.

2d. Class. } on each of these we conferred, successively, and came so far to a general understanding of the nature & extent of the works, & number of gun boats necessary for their defence, as might enable the Secretary at War to make out a detailed statement for each, for future consideration, estimating the expence of works, number of men, & number of gunboats necessary for each.
Portsmouth N.H.
Newbury port
New London
New Haven
Wilmington Del.
James river
Wilmington N.C.

3d. Class. } on these also successively, conferences took place so as to enable the Secretary at war to make a similar statement as to them.
New York.
 and Washington.
New Orleans.

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