Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from W. T. D. Howard, 20 March 1807

Arkansas March The 20th 1807

May it Pleas your Excelence Sir—After My Redresses to you I Shall endeavour to Put you in To The knolige of My Respecttibility and A Circumstance of dificolatty. I was Born in Virginia At Ten years old I Strayed A way from My Parrents wandred through The States Till I Came To The Frunttears of georgia. There was Taken By Some Muscae Indians and around To There Towns where I Be Come Naturl To Them and after I got To Be A Man I wandred From Town To Town and And From nation To nation on Both the East and the west Sides of The Mississippi Till I got Among the osage And from There with The eyeTans and Pounies Tell Goverment Pirchesd This Contry I Came In and Had A grate wish To Become As one of My Natives with instruction I Lernt Severl Things But Nothing of importance her is wheor I Find My Defcittly As I Am Not Like The Rest of My Natives some to There Stores Some To There Farms and others To There Branch of Mecanecke But Me Like oroanFrom The Forrist But First A Letle Better with My Armar For I had A Boe and Arrow and he had No weapon But his own Claus and I had Rather hear the yeals and shouts of My inamee Then To under Take any Thing That I Could Not Doe wheire in I Shall ask The Liberty and honnour of Baring A Commshion in The united States Survis As I May For Git Those idle Toys Cald Boe and Arrow and Take up A sord in The Behalf of My Cuntry As I May say once I Lived By My Boe and Arrow But Now I Live By My Sord ind The Behalf of My Contry. For Reommendations I have None But Some Smal ones For The use of My Travling and with out Relations or Frends Except The Common Force of The Cuntry If you would wish To see Me Personly I will Take The Truble To Come To The Sitty By having My Requist granted and Sent To me As A Pointment For The same———

I Am your humble Servant

W.T.D. Howard

My Bodly A pearance will Be Recommendation But Small in Stature it will Be Thought That I Am weak and Feable But Able To Bare A Comision If A Loud The Liberty

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