Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes for Discussion with Cabinet, 31 October 1805

[ca. Oct. 1805]

Danish consul Tripoli
Bastrop’s monopoly of the Indn. trade
Hull. permissn. to Detroit to get timber
Guards raised by Council of N. Orleans.
national property claimed by them.
Erving’s lre. respectg. delivery of sea-men to Brit. officers
prohibit citizens buying lands in W. Florida.
Spain. Yrujo.—Casa Calvo—Morales.
Commrs. to settle spolians. Eustis’. Trumbul.
 Rodney Nicholson.
non-intercourse. embargo.
reciprocate duties Mobile on Misipi.
dislodge her posts if new? strengthened?
Power to Armstrong
4. Mills. for Florida + riv. Guadaloupe
England. hovering on our coast.
new principl. as to colonl trade.
countervailing tax to indemnify sufferers
navign. act
repair frigates.
build 1. 74 vice Philada & Greene
gun boats
commutn Medn. fund for salt
surplus 1. Milln. 100. gunboats 3,00,000
40,000. stand arms 400,000
a 74. 500,000

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