Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from J. Phillipe Reibelt, 19 June 1805

Baltimore le 19 Juin 1805.

Monsieur le President!

Encouragè par les Amateurs des Arts, qui ont concus l’ideè de la Lotterie cijointe, (et qui pretendent connaitre les Moeurs du pays) d’en presenter un Avertissement a Votre Excellence (les francais se proposent d’y inviter aussi Mr. et Mme. Turreau), je m’y prête quoique avec quelque repugnance—En Vous priant:

1) de ne pas le prendre en mauvaise Graçe, si çela ne seroit pas bien conforme au respect distinguè, qu’on Vous doit, et que je porte pour Vous sous tous les rapports;

2) si cela n’est pas disconvenable, de le communiquer aussi a Messieurs les Secretaires d’Etat, vos parens et Amis.

Daignez accepter mes hommages les plus purs et les plus sinceres.


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19 Jun 1805

having received from a celebrated Artist in Swizerland a few Copies from original paintings of the best Masters, executed in a new Manner of his own inventing, so true, that it is allmost impossible, to distinguish the one from the other, & wishing, to make them generally known to the Lovers of the Arts—It is proposed, as the best means of distribution, to dispose of them in a Lotterie, consisting of 4 pairs of these pictures, neatly framed.

1st Lot One pair, after originals of Both & Dujardin 150 Doll.
2 ditto Loutherbourg 140
3 ditto Claude Lorrain 150
4 ditto Van Berghem 80
to which will be added:
5 a Telescope, when drawn, measuring 16 feets (from Swizerland) 100
6 one set of the admired nat. history of Perroquets, vel. pap. in 4to, with text 140
7 the Likewise admired (new) botanical work by Duhamel, colored, vel. pap. 3 Vol. in folio 110
8 to 24 inclusive. Making 17 Chances of said Pictures of Perroquets 230
in folio, viz: 2 of 10 pieces each } 96 pieces.
2 8
4 6
9. 4 1100
25 The Menagerie of Paris, 1 V. in fol. Engras. with Text 20
26 One pair of Engras. by a German Artist of acknowledged Talents (Kolb) the Bachanal, and the Dance, with an other Engras, the bath of Palemon by Gessner 16
27 The same 2 former Engras, with 4 other Landscapes by Kolb, and the Children of Neticher, painting by Neticher, engr. by Geyser 15
28, 29 & 30.—three sets of 3 Engras. by Kolb: the Going by
Water, the Young Shepherd, and the Conversation. 10 each 30
31, 32 & 33.—three sets of 2 Engras. by the same author: the
Baders, and the Shepherd resting near his flock. 10 each 30
34, 35 & 36.—three sets of 3 Engras. by the same hand:
the hunting of the Stag, the hunting of Lion, and the fall of the damned. 10 each 30

The whole will require 110 subscribers at 10 Doll. each, so that there will be one price to every three tickets.

As soon as the Number shall be Compleated, the place and time of the execution of this Lotterie will be announced.

NB. Mr. Robert Gilmor d ici a eu la Complaisance de diriger l’encadrement des tableaux d’apres le Gout d’ici et a pris 3 billet avant de partir au Niagara.

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