Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from William C. C. Claiborne, 4 May 1805

New Orleans May 4th. 1805

Dear Sir,

I have received your favours of the 10th. and 14th. of March, and am indeed happy to find that the ungenerous calumnies to which I have been subjected, have not made on your mind impressions unfavorable towards me.—I am aware that abuse, much abuse is the constant attendant on Office, under our Government; I have endeavored to meet it with compossure—But when I perceived a political conduct represented as vicious, which I knew to have been guided by the purest motives of honest Patriotism; and acts which in truth were benevolent and praiseworthy, represented as dishonorable, and all this done by a faction who had recourse even to Subornation and perjury in order to Sully my reputation, I must confess that my feelings received a wound which could alone be healed by conscious rectitude, and a belief that the confidence of the Executive in me, was not diminished. The Subject of the Road through Florida has already received my attention, and I persuade myself there will be no difficulty on that point.

You may be assured, that I will not be inattentive to the Interest of General La Fayette—It is probable, that one thousand Acres may be obtained on the Canal of Carondelet; but whatever vacant Land there may be in that Quarter shall be surveyed:—Mr. Briggs is expected here in a week or two, but should his arrival be delayed I shall write him on the Subject, and be governed by his instructions.—With respect to the advantages &c of the other Lands which I recommend’d, I will, very Soon write you fully.

Accept DSir the best wishes of your faithful friend

William C. C. Claiborne

DNA: RG 59-TP-Territorial Papers, Orleans.

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