Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to William Tunnicliff, 25 April 1805

Washington Apr. 25. 05


I avail myself with thankfulness of the opportunity your kindness offers of procuring certain articles from London, which I have long wanted, and only waited a special opportunity to acquire. you will find a list of them on the next leaf. I have been less scrupulous in enlarging it because you mentioned it as your wish to bring your property from England in some other form rather than money. I suppose these articles may cost about twenty guineas.

Having a friend in York, mr Strickland, eldest son of Sir George Strickland of that place, to whom I wish to send the model of the mouldboard of a plough with which he was much pleased when he was at my house in Virginia, I have put one for himself into a small box, and another into a second for the board of agriculture in London, of which we are both members, and which he will recieve & present. I ask the favor of you to take charge of these with the letter addressed to him, & to leave them with mr Monroe our Min. Plen. at London; unless you should propose to lengthen your journey to Stafford as far as York, in which case you would do me a favor by presenting them youself. Accept my thanks for the kind proffer of your services on this occasion, my wishes for a safe & pleasant voyage & return, and my salutations.

Th: Jefferson

CSmH: Coolidge Collection.


Baxter’s history of England. the 8vo. edn would be preferred, if there be one 0-15-0
Combrun on brewing [this is a 4to. vol. published some 40. or 50. years ago, & much desired.] 0-15-0
Adams’s geometrical & graphical essays by Jones. 2. v. 8vo. 0-14-0
Adams’s introdn to practical astronomy or the use of the Quadrants & Equatorials 0-2-6
Arrowsmith’s 4. sheet map of Europe }on linen with rollers &, varnished about
do       Asia
do       Africa
Olmedilla’s map of S. America by Faden. do. 4-14-6
Jones’s New 18 I. British globes with the new discoveries to 1800. in common plain frames of stained wood 7-7-0
 with a compass fitted to both the frames of do. 6.
 & a pr of red leather covers 1-4-0
A new portable drawing board & seat (the board folds up for the pocket & the legs formg. a walking stick) 0-18-0
for the 2. last articles see W. & S. Jones’s catalogue No. 30. Lower Holborn. London.
an additional telescope for an Equitorial. see drawg. 2-2-0
4 double turning plates for an Equatl. to stand on see drawg. 0-10-6

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