Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Spain, Louisiana, and Indian Affairs, 21 February 1805

[21 Feb. 1805]

Spanish alarm & proposns to Indians.

Feb. 21. Spanish movemts to Adaïs & Lanana S. Antonio. Turner to Claiborne
Cados, Paunies. send factory immedly court them.
Bayou Pierre, Span. settlemt on Red rivr. 70. mi. above Natchitoches
Lanana, 40. mi. from Nactchitoches. Spands. have takn. post there
Casa Calvo & his guard to retire
Louisiana bank
mounted infantry to scour disputed country
Claiborne to have interview with Govr. of Texas. Casacalvo?
Matta Gordo. 2. Span. regimts. to b’ establd. there. [i.e. Bay of St. Bernart]
Cavalry & infantry from Mexico expected at St. Antonio.
a Governt wth. 3000. men comg. to Nacogdoches.
the prest. Comandt. of Nacogdoches to take post at Adaïs
1100. Seminoles invited to Pensacola by Govr. Folck
3. regimts. of 1500. men each expectd from Havana for Pensaca. Mob. & Bat R.
& 200,000 cavalry. forts to be at Pascagoula & Pearl rivers.
1000. families under the prest. govr. of St. Antonio, to come to Adaïs
an officer & 100. dragoons have been takg survey of Rio Guadalupe
4. regiments ordered for the frontier [Nacogdoches]
Chambers’s ltr. the Span. duties at Mobille to be submd to till furthr order
Choctaws. Nannahubba isld is ours

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