Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Edward Preble, 1 January 1805

[1 Jan. 1805]

Memorandum of the Condition of the Frigates of the United States—

Constitution. A Prime Sailer, of excellent Dimensions
was rebuilt and new coppered in 1803 &
will probably last seven years without any
material repairs.—
President and
United States— Prime Sailers and well constructed but
require to be rebuilt from the Wales.—
Congress and
Constellation— Well constructed Ships, and fast Sailers
but want rebuilding from the Wales—The
Congress is the best Ship of the two.
Chesapeake— Lately repair’d, is a good Ship and well
New York.— Requires to be rebuilt from the wales—
this Ship is rather narrow on the beam.
Essex— A Prime Sailer, and the best model
of a Frigate (of her rate) in the Navy
—requires rebuilding from the Wales—
Boston A prime Sailer, not sufficiently broad on
the Beam for a Frigate, but if cut down
and repair’d will make an excellent Corvett
to carry 22 long 12 pound Cannon or, 42
pound Carronades.—
Adams Not sufficient beam for a Frigate, but
cut down and repaired, will make a good
Corvette being a fast Sailer, and will carry
42 pound Carronades.—
Jno. Adams A Dull Sailer, and too narrow for a
Man of War, but will make a good
merchant Ship, and if not wanted as a
Transport had better be sold out of Service—

Edward Preble

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