Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes on Work to be Done byJames Dinsmore and John Hemings, 24 September 1804

Sep. 24. 04

Work to be done by mr Dinsmore

finish the Dome room.   double the door of the cellar under the tearoom

do the gutters of the house with sheet iron.   put up the Venetian blinds from Washington.

hang the sashes of all the windows.

finish base, caps, architraves & floors of the Hall & Parlour.

remodel the 2. pr of sash doors of the parlour, so that either the sash or panelled door may be shut. the outer new folding doors to be of pine, the partition do. of Mahogany

put up the outer fold of the window shutters that they may be ready for painting.

put up ballustrade of gallery in the hall.

do the stairs & stair cases

base & cap of Dome external

Ballustrade on the roof of the house.


[on verso:]

reserved for J. Hemings.

All the Chinese railery

Venetian blinds for the Porticos.

the 3. remaing. Angular Portals.

the Aviary

facings &c. of windows of covered ways

folds of window shutters.

closet of my bed chamber

store rooms in the loft.

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