Thomas Jefferson Papers

Notes for Consultation with James Madison, 8 September 1804

8 Sep. 1804

consult mr M. James Ross’s lre.
agent to W. Indies.
Navoni’s lre
Claiborne. lre July 25. } Span. at Adais & Natchitoches
Aug. 4. refusl. to pay private debts, decree to reduce weakn. & ruin adjact. country of US.—the Cados—Panis.
Mason’s lre. inclose to Wagner. July 25. Casa Calvo.
Navoni’s   do. 30. Delacey
Aug. 1. French privateer.
inclose Pichon’s lre to Wagner. consult Duponceau & Atty Gen.
Duval. Isaac Neufv. do. as to Eugenia

shall we instruct Claiborne to intimate to Casa Calvo, & the govrs. of Florida & Mexico, to make no change in the position of things?

Lincoln to prepare N.Y. aggressions for Congress.

Jackson’s lre. order Monroe immedly.

L’Oiseau master & Demas owner of the Privateer

1. are they not pyrates? i.e. have they a commn.


2. the Mary of Norfolk. American. taken. brot into Misipi.

    stranded 4. times designedly, & then burnt.

    cargo should be reclaimed of Govr. Folch

   qu. if no criminal prosecn lies, the offender being withn our jurdn

   private action.

   for sale of part of cargo without entry forfieturs. this will repel reclamation under the French right to take for contrabd.

3. the Active. British. taken. not condemned. brot into jurdn.

   regular remedy to order away.

   but breakg bulk, qu. if done?

   if done, is it not forfieture?

   can we attach her for indemnity for Mary?

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