Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from John Barnes, 21 August 1804

George Town 21 Augst. 1804


I was Yesterday honored with your favr. 13th. and duly notice the particulars: instead of something less than $406.63. (the presumed surplus, for this Mo. on statemt. 22d July.)—the annexed a/c will shew the present state of your Bank, including the $250. transmitted by this Evenings Mail to Messrs. G & J. at Richmond—viz—

for amot; of surplus the Presidts List 22d July 406. 63.
By J.B.’s paymt. to the 19 Inst. 253. 67.
these remained in Bank. differ. 152.96.
Accounted for, from the following items, viz.
22d July. The President’s Bank, overdrawn 1. 73.
7 Augt. To G & J. 800. for 700. 100.
LeMaire. 300. for 250. 50.
Hart. 30. for 25. 5.
Dr. Baker. 406. for 400. 6.
for Error in deducting from 3072.83 viz 406.63
 say 2676.70 shd be 396.13 10. 50
Aug 14th To Presidt Order 2d. favr M Wanscher 14. 50
15th To T. Carpenter for a Moiety
 of his a/c 150.46
Dyer & Smith & J Cox a/c $44.66 75. 23
already charged the Prest. in July a/c 152.96
from this statemt. there remained in Bank 19th Inst. 253. 67
21 Augt. deduct Amt. transmitted Messrs. G & J 250.
leaves 3.67
Aug 21 for amount of Bank balance. brot forwd 3. 67
Sepr. 4. for Compensation. Augt. a/c 2083 .33
6 for yr Note of the 4th to be disctd 1000 989. 50
3072. 83
from which deduct for
your Note payble 2/5 Sepr. a B US. 1000
do. do. 8/11 do. B of C. 1000 2000 1072.83.
wherewith to pay Mr Lenox 110.
Sepr. a/c { Mr Short 500.
Mr LeMaire 300 910. 
would leave $166.

If than, in the interim, the President shd. be induced to protract either of the last three items for $910. in preference to any Other more Urgent demand (as I am inclined to think they are not immediately in real want) or if either of the two—for $110 & 300—should call on me, they shall be Accomodated at all events, they will be comply’d wth. early in Oct—of this the President will be pleased to advise me—when the Bank a/c disctd. Notes & paymt. are perfectly adjusted. I purpose doing myself the Honor, Accepting your kind invitation—by way of Frederickg. via Orange Springs to Charlottesville—is the rout I intended to prefer—(or rather to Milton) and to return by Richmond—is to leave Frederickg either on Wednesday 12th—or Friday 14 Sepr. at farthest are the Days I count upon.

With greatest Respect, I am Sir, your most & very Obedt.

John Barnes.


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