Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Richard Richardson, 5 August 1804

New york 5th August 1804

Dr Sir

Inbolden By the Maney protestations of friendship from you towards Me Makes Me feel an obligation which I never shall forget! I Must Beg you to pardon Me for omiting writing to you till now from the Maney Difculties of My Situation In the westingies I never Could write to My Satisfaction to any of My friends—I Arrivd hear on the 15th of July from Jamaica on a British Bottom which I freightd with shugar and ginger My Shugar I have sold to one of the Refiners for a leaven Dolars and a half per Hundred weight My ginger I still have on hand I have Been Much Involved In Debt from Entering Into percession of the property left Me In that Contrey which I have got Clear At preasant after paying at four thousand pounds to a house In London who had a Morgage on It for yearly supplys for It My wish is to sell It as soon as I Can get a purcheser But not knowing who to trust from so Many failures Makes Me varey Cautious I never saw the Ilant of Jamaica In such want of Every article as when I left It our provisions we get from Cork But not one third of the Estates has Been Suplide this year none to Be had at Cork and from the failure of the Murchents In the westingies and the planters Making short Crops for two years past Every thing Is vearey scarce and Dear pork @ a levin pound a Barrel Beef @ twelve Hearings such as we feed our negroes with five pound per Barrel Butter six Shillings per pound none to Be Sold I am Extreamly anctious to see you and the family which I hope are all well. I have Been vearey Healthy since My stay In the westingies But vearey Much Dissatisfide from Circumstances which Did occur to Me two often for a pirson of My sentiments But always avoiding Every thing that was towards politicks I laboured In My own Breast Before I left Jamaica I advertised My property for sail My wish Is to goe on from hear to neworleans to see that Contrey Should I like I will purchase a Shugar farm their as I have Been In the Manufacture of Shugar Ever since I left you Any Advice from you on the situation of that Contrey will Be grately acknowledg I Have Seen Some Shugar Brought from their hear which Is vearey good and I Think It May Be Brought to Surpass the Jamaica Shugar In Some littel time And as I have spared no pains to Inform Myself on the Manufacture of Shugars I flatter Myself In Being useful to a new Contry

A vearey searious Circumstance took place some littel time Before I left Jamaica among the Blacks In kingston A number of them found In percession of arms and a great quantitey of powder It seemed as If It Had Been Contemplated By person of Colour to Induce the Blacks to Rise Against the white peopil and Destroye them all these peopil are veary vearey numerous and the laws of the Contrey Compell them to Baire arms In Defence of the Contrey and they Consider It a hardship not to Be Intitled to hold only a Certain quantity of land and negroes these peopil have the grater part of them Been sent to Scotland for their Eaducation By their fathurs and when they Return they are so Corupted they I fear will Soon Make a Saint Dimingoe Business of It Being In number three for one white man thy ariseing from the Black tribe they Retain More of their familey on that Side than from their fathers I fear the Consequence will be fatal And the sovaritiey Made use of By the white peopil In that Contrey will Make those poor wraches Reask their lives with the perswation of Being freed By these peopil

I Shall Be glad to hear how far advancd you have got your house and what has Become of James Dinsmore wishing you a long life and A Continuation of health and happiness

I Remain Dr Sir your veary Humble Servt

Richard Richardson

Ps please let Me hear from you By Return of post And the family I leave this on the 19th for n. orleans

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