Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Peter Pelty, 10 July 1824

Honourd Sir

The person who presents those papers for your perusal hopes that they may in some measure be pleasing to you i compiled them & got them printed in New York in order to keep my teeth a going on my long journey but i can assure you sir that the scacity of mony & the taste for such papers so little that i cant sell three of them in a Week, & as none but Republicans Will by them i can Expect no pity from the other side but i find the people of this state very hospitable so that i can safely say that they think more of a Quid of tobeko in the north than the do of a meal of Vituals in this State: tho’ i bleive if i brought a parcel of blackgard ballasts i could sell ten of them for the one i of those, but if i can’t get a bit of without Vending such as them i Will beg it & to beg i am ashamed Now sir if you Would be so good as to spare me some trifle to help me on my journey, I shall be obligated the remainder of my days to pray to father of all our merceys to grant you Immortal part & a place in one of his heavenly mansions

Which may be your happy lot is the fervant prayer of Your humble servt

Peter Pelty

A native of Ireland & an avow’d to all Despots


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