Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to William Foushee, 28 January 1823

Monto Jan. 28. 23.

Dr Sir

I am aware that an individual has no right to expect that a public office governing itself by general rules should recollect or regard his particular care. I live half way between the post–offices of Milton & Charlsvlle the former was most convent while it flourished and all my dealings being there I had daily communcn with it, it is gone down to nothing & our communicns are now all transferred to Charlottesville. this being unknown to distant correspdts they continue to address their lines to the Milton P. O. where they lie sometimes a week or 10. days, if it could be recollected in your office, to put them all, however addressed into the Charlesvle mail it would be a great accomodn to me and lay me under due oblign. with this request permit me to assure you of my high esteem & respect.


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