Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Dabney Carr Terrell, 1822

Sonnet to Mr Jefferson

written in 1822

Immortal man! not only of thine own

The best and greatest, but of every age;

Thou whose meridian strength was prompt to wage

For liberty the war against a throne!

When thy gigantic mind had plac’d thee lone

And high, thou didst controul the wildest rage

Of rival factions—scorning to assuage;

To thee all Nature’s mysteries are known:

Oh! how shall we of less etherial mould

Address our souls to thine? thy greatness weigh’d

Our love were too familiar and too bold;

Thy goodness, admiration were too cold;

But both united in men’s hearts have made

A monument whose glory shall not fade.

NcU: Nicholas Philip Trist Papers.

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