Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Cornelius C. Blatchly, 6 October 1822

6th of the 10th Month 1822

Esteemed friend.

The New-York-society for promoting Communities, have requested me to transmit to thee one of their essays on common wealths. By a perusal of this, thou wilt be able to comprehend our ideas of what society now is, and what it ought to be. We place a high estimation on thy judgment respecting it, on account of thy wisdom and philanthropy. We esteem & love thy benevolence, we greatly respect thy philosophy and political ethics.—

We are well perswaded that pure and good communities, can only be instituted & establised by people who have good hearts & pure principles; and who ardently desire to practice what an illuminated intellect manifests to them to be right & dutiful to God & man.—Our essays are, therefore, only for the virtuous & unprejudiced, who candidly desire & seek for goodness & truth;—and such as these only, are fit for erecting societies wholly on the social, impartial, and unselfish principle: or in other terms, on the self-denying principle.

With affectionate love & friendship I address thee, because I am assured by thy character, that thou will approve of our disinterested endeavours to promote the prosperity, purity & peace of all people;—altho’ thou mayst not approve of our mode of attaining them. If our plan can be improved, or a better one proposed, we will thank thee to mention it.—

From thy sincere friend.
Cornelius Camden Blatchly
Moderator of the N’Y society for
promoting communities.
No 487 Greenwich St.
New York.

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