Thomas Jefferson Papers

Ennion Williams: List of claims for improvements at Monticello, 19 Sept. 1822, 19 September 1822

Emmion Williams’s Claims for Improvements

1. A semicircular Instrument— Radius—12 Inches—Needle 24 Inches }
Telescope 11 Inches—with a Nonius attachd.
2. A Drafting Instrument—Semicircular—Radius. 7 Inches, with diagonals crossing Ten circles, showing tenths of the Degrees—also a Scale of equal Parts on the Diameter, and a Centre Pin conveniently seen and may be set readily on any Line or Point of a draft—
of a Survey or others— The Course & distance shown at same time
on the Instrumt—no dividers necessary—
3. A Sliding Meridian, to be used on an inclined Plane, to which his drafting Instrument may be set, and moved to any Part of the draft, and the Course & Distance seen—without the aid of dividers—
4. A Set of Tables, showing Interest at 5.6.7 & 8 ⅌Ct and Commiss from 14 ⅌Ct increasing by ¼ ⅌Ct to 23 ⅌Cent, on every sum from one dollar to 10.000 dollars—for 3 years, 11 mos & 29 days, condensed on fifty Pages, and shown by Indentment on the exterior of the Leaves more expeditiously than an alphabet to a Ledger, would show the Names of the Accounts; because the order is regular and numerical

E W.

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