Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Frederick A. Mayo, 12 August 1821

Monticello Aug. 12. 21.


The Governor returning to Richmond in a carriage, takes charge of a box of books which I request you to bind for me. in the box I have put a volume [Bede’s Ecclesiastical history] as a model for all the bindings, only that the backs may be a little richer gilt. I wish you to do them for me as speedily as you can and deliver them when done to Colo Peyton, sending me a bill of the cost which shall be promptly attended to. there is a volume separately wrapt up, because it could not be got into the box. I salute you with esteem and respect.

Th: Jefferson

Universal history. 20. v. 8vo

Grammatica Anglo-Saxonica.

Owen’s Geoponics. 2. vols to be bound together in 1.

Manual Gr. Eng.

Apocryphal New testament.

Wheatley’s Gardening.


Collection plantarum. Greenway. separately packed.


Sep. 16. sent him by mr Randoloph

20th vol of Weekly register & 19th as model.

Saxon gospels.

LXX Prolegomena & 1st vol. as model

4. vols of LXX for mr Hatch.

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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