Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Thomas Appleton, 7 July 1821

Leghorn 7. July 1821—

dear Sir

Your duplicate letters of 16. April, both reach’d my hands on the 1st of the present month, by Gibr & London; & by a singular combination, on the same day. I have also rec’d one from Mr Saml Williams of London, inclosing a bill on Leghorn for the proceeds of an exchange, remitted to him, by Mr Bernard Peyton. this bill discounted here, has produced net, one thousand Six hundred & eighty three Spanish Dollars.—the present letter will inform you, en abrigè all that may be requisite; but not so detail’d, as I wish’d, for I must avail myself of a vessel which departs to-day for Boston, only having obtain’d this morning, the information from the contractor, to reply to your letter.—In the course of the week, I shall pay Mde Pini 444 Doll. & by the first succeeding opportunity, I shall forward you, her receipts.—On writing to a friend at Carrara, to inform Madme Raggi, of the money destin’d for her use, I was greatly surpris’d to learn, that she died about three months since; the painful task of communicating this distressing information to her husband, must devolve, of course, on yourself; for it seems, the relatives, had determin’d to conceal it, from him; thus the sum destin’d for her use, must remain in my hands, for your future disposal.—agreeably to my letter of 10h of October last.

Doll Sp: Doll.
4 cor: cap: of 25 2/10 english in: dim: diam. of Column 180  720
2 idem 20 8/10 id id 110  220
2 Mezzo id id id  70  140
4 Ionic id. 26½ id  60  240
6. id id 26½ id  55  330
The expences of cases are invariably to the } say about  50
charge of the purchaser
Spanish dollars 1700
To comply with the last sentence of your instructions,
as there must be additional marble, & some considerable extra work
to adapt them, agreeably to your request, to the brick columns
& which were not anticipated by me, I find the lowest price
requir’d by the contractor, will be on the 18 columns say  200
Sp: Dollars 1900

You will observe, Sir, in my letter of 10h Octr it is express’d, that the capitals are to be deliver’d here in 5 months after the reception of your order, & this is the shortest possible period; thus they will be in Leghorn in December—it may then require, all that month to find a proper conveyance to the U.S. so I should judge, they may be at Monticello in all march.—Be assur’d, Sir, that every attention will be paid that your explanatory instructions may be fulfill’d, though your last Sentence, adds much to the labour & expence—I have translated them faithfully into italian, & they will be under the eyes of the contractor.—I have only, this morning rec’d the estimate of the cost of 10 cor: cap. & 8 mezzo. cap. of 32 4/10 in: dim: diameter. they are indeed of a great size, & will require nine months to compleat—the increase of marble & labour is inconcievable to one to one not vers’d in similar objects; thus they cannot be deliver’d here, at less than five hundred & thirty dollars each, for the whole capitals, & Two hundred & eighty dollars each for the mezzo capitals.—It may not be, perhaps, necessary to inform you, Sir, that the value of a block of marble, increases in the ratio of diamonds.—

Thus then 10 capitals cost 530 Doll. each 5300
 8 mezzo. id. 280 2240
18 cases probably say  60
Spanish 7600  Dollars
for the capitals already order’d say 1900
for those you may require say 7600
 Deduct say receiv’d 1000
Sp: Dollars 8500

Should you then remit this sum, say 8500 Dollars to Saml Williams of London, whom I judge as Safe, as any man in Engd should there be found after, a fraction of bale due me, on the close of this commission, I can, to save you the trouble of a 2nd remittance request you to pay it to a friend of mine in the U:S. & this will terminate the business. As in your inquiry of marble chimney pieces, you may have occasion, for your own use, is describ’d only to be “plain facings”—. without the dimension; I can only generally say, that plain ones, of common marble, may cost from 15 to 30 Dols each, consisting of 4 members. the mantle, the frontispiece, & the two side-columns—in a word, Sir, when you Shall inform me the dimensions, quality, & the price you will go to, I can only add, that the best possible, shall be sent, for the price you may limit.—20 of similar work can be compleated in 3 months, or even less.—If there should be requir’d any ornamentary bars, or imblematical statues for the Summits, or nitches of your edifices, they can be furnish’d at moderate prices, as the quality of the marble, & the distance from which they are seen, require only an ordinary quality. & a second order of workmen. Marble Squares for paving of vestibuls or Arcades. of say 12 inches square, will cost here Dolls the hundred Squares.—The Captain has now call’d for his papers, & compels me to close, with the renew’d expressions of my great respect & esteem

Th: Appleton

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