Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Bernard Peyton, 28 May 1821

Richd 28 May 1821

Dear Sir

I am favor’d with yours of the 23rd: & 25th inst: this morning, the latter covering $300, which is at your credit, and I have this day forwarded to Mr John Vaughan of Philadelphia a check from Farmers Bank for $300, as you directed, which is accompanied by your letter to him recd some time ago.

Before recg yours, had charged you, & given Messr: Clark Cox & Co credit for the ½ Bll: scuppernon Wine ($15.50) shipd by order of Col Burton of N. Carolina, of which I immediately apprised them. The Cask has arrived in good order, & shall be forwarded by Johnson’s Boat the first time he is down. I will also procure from Messr: D. M & C Warwick, & forward by the first Boat, 3 Boxes Tin, such as were sent by those Gentlemen to the University, at $13 each.

None of your Flour is yet to hand, when it arrives, will dispose of it to the best advantage & render you a/c sales by succeeding mail, any drafts you may draw in consequence, will be promptly honor’d. I am still without any information of the shipt your Tobacco from Lynchburg.

Yours very Truely

Bernard Peyton

Flour $3.62½

Tobacco 4½ @ 9—

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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