Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from James Lyle, 7 April 1821

Richmond 7th april 1821.

Dear Sir

On my return to Richmond I found your esteem’d favor of the 3rd January, which would have been answered long ago, but for the delay which occured in Mv. in Mr Lyles getting possession of the Books and papers of his Grandfathers Estate from an agent of the former Executor, on an examination of them I found your Bonds as enumerated in your Letter, and I now hand you a statement of them, which please examine, and I trust you will find it correct (it is so intended to be) I have included a small Bond of Mrs Jeffersons assigned by one alligree, Mr Lyle left a memo, that this Bond had never been presented to you, and that it might be charged to you, which is submitted for your approbation.   I have communicated to mr Lyle your wish as to the time of payment, he is perfectly friendly disposed, and willing to extend to you indulgence but not to so long a period, pray would it not be agreeable to you to make the payments in instalments, say from 1 to 5 years or 2. 3. 4 & 5 years, to which I am pretty sure Mr Lyle will acquiese, if you will write me in what way you wish to make the instalments, I will use my influence with Mr Lyle in your behalf. My apology for handing you the incorrect statement in Decemr last is, that I copied it from one handed to Mr Lyle by the agent of the former Executor, who then had possession of the Books & papers; You will please do me the favor to give the statement now rendered a close examination, and if any error please communicate the same, which shall be corrected, I am persuaded you will find it correctly stated, and the result found to be as annexed, and I remain with much regard and respect Dear Sir Your Mo Ob Sevt

Tarlton Saunders Agent
for J. Lyles admr
1806 Sterling
nov. 23 To amo due on Bond 5 & 6. at this date principal £ 411. 17. 8
To Interest on ditto till paid
To Balance of Interest due on ditto at this date 179. 13. 6
July 30 To Bond for Mrs Jefferson bearing Ints from 1 Sept 1771 94. 7.
To Ints on ditto till 19th April 1775 17. 2. 3
To Ints on ditto from 19th April 1783 till paid
To Mrs Jeffersons Bond assigned by Alligree due to 1. Jany 1768 for £5.11.3 off Exchange of £17.9 is 4. 3. 6
To Interest on ditto till 6 Jany 1775. 1. 8. 0
To Ints on £4.3.6 from 6 Jany 1783 till paid
July 6 To Balance due on your Bond assigned by Harvie 94. 12. 11
To Interest on ditto from July 6 1811 till paid      
due in Sterling  £      

Errors Excepted Richmond 7th April 1821 Tarlton Saunders Agent for James Lyles admr

P S You will observe that the interest for 8 years during the War is not charged

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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