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Thomas Jefferson: Prognostics of Weather, n.d. 1820?, 1820


Prognostics of weather


a circle round the Sun or moon. rain certain in 24. hours.

a great white frost. rain probably within 24. hours.

distant sounds becoming more audible, as the roaring of the river, roaring of the air in the mountains, the going of a mill, rattling of a carriage Etc. rain.

a S.E. wind. rain within 12. hours certain.

a N.W. air in the morning, no thunderstorm that day.

a S.W. rain seldom exceeds 12. hours.

a S.W. wind brings on immediate haze, which continues till rain.

thunder & rain in the morning are always followed by a rainy afternoon.

a N.Easterly rain almost always clears up warm.

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