Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson: Notes on Conversation with Coffin re. University of Virginia Faculty, ca. 1820, 1820

Mr Coffin. conversns with him

Bowditch at the head of some Insurance, has 5000D. a year. refused pressing invitations to a professorships at Cambridge

Nulty, Irish. entirely self-taught. really great in Math. & astronomy. has talent of communicn remarkably. very warm tempered

Audrain. Irish. great as mathemn

Ivory. Scotch. Professor Mathem. Woolwich. equal to French. has solved the problem of the 3. bodies

Cambridge celebrated for mathematic Etc. have adopted French methods.

Oxford. for classics only

Dr Parr is living.

Dug. Stewart retired from the Univty of Edinbg

La Place’s Fonctions analytiques has made the doctrine of Fluxions quite simple

McIntosh. laziest man in the world. will never finish his history, his booksellers have already advanced 7000.£ despair of the book

Cambridge. Mathematics
Natural philosophy
Natural history
Oxford Antient languages
Edinburg. Anatomy and Medecine.
London. Modern languages. Blaettermann.

Privately owned.

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