Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson: Memorandum of Specifications for building Rotunda at the University of Virginia, After 1820, December 1820

not a single samel brick to be used

nor more than 2. bats in 10. bricks

the bond to be header & stretcher through the whole thickness and in every course

every course of bricks to solidly grouted

the cement ⅔ lime & ⅓ pure clean sand

the wall to be ½ a bricker thicker than in the drawings, to be added inside.

the outer bricks uniform in colour, and of the colour of Pavilions II. & IV.

the brick work to be contracted for to the top of the Corinthian cornice only at first

the Carpenters [. . .] have a right to examine the correctness of the brick work as it goes on, and to notify the Proctor in time for correction if any thing be going on w[. . .]


the plank used by the Carpenters [. . .] compleatly [. . .]asoned.

the ribs of the roof to be compleat semicircles of four thicknesses breaking joints [. . .]threds

the [. . .] plate of 4. thicknesses also of 3. I. each b[. . .]aking joints and iron bolted.

the first undertaking to be only of the walls roof, Corinthian entablature, doors, floors and staircases.

the Carpenter’s work at the Philadelphia printed prices, & where not specified among them to be settled beforehand.


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