Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson: List of Styles of Pavilions at the University of Virginia, ca. 1820, December 1820


No I. Doric of Diocletian’s baths from Chambray
II. Ionic, with dentils from the temple of Fortuna Virilis. Palladio.
III. Corinthian. Palldio.
IV. Doric of Albano. from Chambray.
V. Ionic with modillions. Palladio’s.
VI. Ionic of the Theatre of Marcellus. dentils. Chambray
VII. Doric of Palladio. with mutules.
VIII. Corinthian of Diocletian’s Baths, from Chambray.
IX. Ionic with dentils. Temple of Fortuna Virilis. Palladio.
X. Doric of the Theatre of Marcellus. Chambray.
Rotunda. Corinthian of the Pantheon. from Palladio.

ViU: Peter Coolidge Deposit.

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