Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Joel Yancey, 22 December 1820

Poplar Forest Decr 22. 1820

Dr sir

Jery arrived here last Evening about 4 oClock, with one of his Males very lame and complains much about badness of Roads, I had very thing ready, and shoud have loaded wednesday night, had Jery come, but they now will be a day later than you expected, I hope to get them off this morning by sun rise, the pork turnd out very well, and has been destributed as you directed, the 23 hogs picked out for monticello, and which you will receive by the waggons, weighed 3020. nite and very nice, the face, back bone, and leaf fat, will average 30 to each hog, so that you will not receive more than about 2300, execlusely of the lard, 2 Kegs butter 85 and 102 Gross, 150. lard, 18 ps old bacon, 51 soap and 2 beeves, the Dbl steer, could not be taken, the overseer (Miller) with 3 or 4 hands, was in pursuit of him yesterday and the day before constantly, but could do nothing with him, I will have him taken, and broke, of possible, and sent in march, with the other beeves and muttons, the waggons will have about 2000 each wich will be as much as the teams can Draw on bad roads, please send our people off immediately after the hollidays, as we shall be in great want of the waggon till its return, a list of each load at the bottom. I am with Highes respect

yr mo obt servt

Joel Yancey

1 Barrel pork 88 ps. 1257 } Decks load
1 cask of lard, (half full) 150
2 furkins butter gross 187
1 Box containing 18 ps old { 150
Bacon & 51 Soap

Jery 1 barrel pork 73 ps 1050 } Jerys load
all The articles Johny Heming charge, supposed to be 700

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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