Thomas Jefferson Papers

TJ, University of Virginia: Estimate of Cost of Buildings of University of Virginia, ca. 28 Nov. 1820, 28 November 1820

A general view of what the lands, buildings & all other expenditures for the University will have cost, when compleated, estimated from the monies actually recieved, & what the Proctor states as further necessary.

Recieved of the Subscriptions about  19,000
Loan from the Literary fund  60,000
Annuities of 1819.20.  30,000
to be recieved, the annuity of 1821. included in Proct’s estimate  15,000
further necessary to compleat the Pavils Hotels & Dorms by do  38,364
 Probable actual cost of whole establmt (exclus. of Library 162,364.
Estimates heretofore made.
 10. Pavilions for accomodn of Professors @ 6000.D. each  60,000.
 6. Hotels for dieting the Students @ 3500.D. each  21,000
104. Dormitories @ 350.D. each  36,400.
200. as of lands & buildings purchased, may be stated as worth  10,000
covering with tin, instead of shingles, levelling grounds & streets
 bringing water in pipes & numerous other contingencies, say  10,000
Excess of actual cost above the estimates (about (18. p. cent)  24,964
To liberate the funds of the University and to open it in 1821. with
 only 6. professors, will require
1. a remission of the loan of 60,000.D.
2. a supplementary sum to liberate the annuities of 1821.2.3. 45,000.
3. to make good the deficit estimated by the Proctor  8,364
4. an additional sum for the building of the Library 40,000
5. and to establish & maintain 10. Professorships an equal partition
 of the literary fund between the University & elementary
 schools will be necessary, say 30,000. a year to each.

A building for an Observatory not having been mentioned in the Rockfish Report, is not brought into view here. it will cost about 10. or 12,000.D. and may be accomplished by the balance of subscription money not taken into account in the Report of 1820. and by the rents for the Hotels & Dormitories.


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