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Peter Stephen Du Ponceau: List of Indian Numerals., ca. 12 July 1820, 12 July 1820

Indian Numerals

The Onondago is taken from Zeisberger’s Grammar

The Mohawk from Luther’s Cathechism, Swedish & Delaware

with a Short Mohawk Vocabulary

1. Nottoway Unti = Onondago Skata = Mohawk Onskat
2. Dekànee = tekeni Tiggene
3. Arsa = Achso Áxe
4. Hentag = Gaÿeri Rayéne
5. Whisk = Wisk Wisck
6. Oyag = Achiak Yayak
7. Ohatag = Tchoatak Tzadak
8. Dekra = Tekiro Tickerom
9. Deheerunk = Watiro Wáderom
10. Washa. = Wasshé Washa

Except in Nos 1.4.9. the Analogy is evident=that of those three Numbers exists probably in the Tuscarora Dialect.—The German & Swedish Spelling in the Onondago & Mohawk Should be attended to—Dekànee with the English a acute, considering the frequent German Substitution of t for d, is exactly the Same as Tekeni; the English ag & the German ak are the Same. The English frequently drop the gutturals in their Spelling of Indian Words. Hence they write Achiak (ch guttural) yag, and Achsa, Arsa. More need not be Said.

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