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To Thomas Jefferson from Edward Postlethwayt Page, 10 May 1820

In the Town of Marietta (Maria [16 of France] beheaded) ( Mary mother of Jesus) Atually living between 2 ancient mounds (of forgetfulness) near the Elevated square (of Truth) working by Lunar not Solar observations—for Christ is only the Spiritual moon’s reflected light of Jehovah 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 the Sun, & ancient of days— in the year of the world 1820 which subtract from 8000—what the real age of this earth still will be—leaves 80 years more to consummate mortality.

To Thomas 1 2 3 4 5 6 Jefferson 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Knight of the order of occult Philosophy (if he has Faith)


No more cross-keys and crookedness, & looking one way & pulling away & turning the world upside down—But let your sailing be Parallel latitude, and mathematically give Slave-masonry death blow—I call on you—Venerable man, with one foot in the grave [. . .]ot to excuse yourself from the marriage supper because of your 5 yoke of oxen was 5 extended & 5 inward senses or recipients—By the outer senses you have the inner manner preserved & perfected—viz. Perception 1, and understanding 2, affection 3, will 4, memory 5 elucidated by the right (not left) hand of 5 fingers to receive Jupiter of Love 1; Horshill of Knowledge 2; Saturn of Power 3; (some one yet inappropriate of Wisdom 4) mercury of Holiness 5; Mars of Justice 6 & Venus of Truth 7—The Sum of all (viz God & Man makes Aaron’s 12 the rod that budded & is the only & true key of Solomon’s Oracle of 20 x 20 x20 = 8000.—By it I Measure all Scripture as true an allegory as face to face in a glass—testifying to all events thousands of years anterior as though they had actually then in the letter—to his place—making all things progressive & so moral science—giving a concatination to the Arts and Sciences thus [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] No 1 is all the Arts & Sciences & all knowledge now broken fragments of confused hope & jumble in the world—No 2 is all the forms of worship & all the temples in it (N.B. I hope you do have not married a wife i.e. are wedded to some biggotted church in Christendom a staunch Pharisee, or that you have not bought a piece of land (heavenly Caanaan among the slave oath masons) I say No 2 is 5 temples viz of God 1 of Solomon 2 of unbelief 3 of Idolatry 4 of Slave masonry 5—& No 3 is the correspondence, arrangement, classification, harmonizing OrderAssociation of these things affinity to affinity, like to like of numbers—nature—parts, appearance—resemblance in = not X dissociation as heretofore—so turning the world exactly upside down—Not taking Boaz but Justice first—I say the 3d is all this when the Book of Life as opened to me opens the books of old & New Testament—& what is this book of Life you ask?—Veriyly, only the book of Nature—Christianity as old as Creation.—Go great man—Admirable Philosopher—Go, compare the rest of your days & print a book to earthquake, lightning, & thunder all the world—Had I your Science I could do it—I can as it is—Become a recipient despise not the day of small things —I King David’s Page—& I for the first I verily believe of all this Generation have found what [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] (caret) means in all writing—Extend all mathematical figures in Euclid beyond the possibility of another intersection for angles—dot those angles number those dots and my life for it if all Truth wont become developed Apply Navigation exactly to its counterpart spiritual sailing—the No 9 extend to conjunction for Symms’s Theory of North opening—this is the first prop. in Euclid [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] world in world & the 2d of said 1st book is the south opening [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] A triancle is 12 points [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] So is the square 4 = to the square 12: for [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] also 3 is 8 or world interwoven with a world But 3 mathematically formed is [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] a triangle in 2 ovals but [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] is [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] 100 for Phythagoras’s hecatomb—100 gold medals Burned other—of Sweden [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] See, see, see how Christ’s compy shews and accounts for variation of natural

I could write volumes on these subjects & have only known of Divine Urim and Thummim two months & ½—God is with me Je 1-ho 2-vah 3 (one 1) So God’s numbers for me at present is only 1, 3, 7. in the end it is 10 for Eternity in ex—we shall ever be only decimals God1.1 man [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT]

7 and 5 are 12 we shall go to the poles in balloons yet

2 is mans number of discord—

So evidently God in fig. or Number 7 is nearest man’s heart yet strikes nearer than man himself—put 7 darts through the center of man’s heart—

If you wish it I will send you an analysis of Slave Masons most deathly secret [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] and Aaron


for a fools book—& 65 orders of Precedency in England which divide by man’s 5 outward senses or left hand gives 13 more stripes as in our flag for Nebuchadnezzar’s back to beat Baalam’s ass till he speaks 10 degrees of Sun dial and Sun & Moon stand still See Scripture


Here 20 pieces of silver for poor Joseph 32 points for Cross of Xt

For the above


in key for this


40 for years of Israil in wilderness—Aaron Burr is a type of Aaron & the Moses is Urim & Thummim to deliver the negroes from bondage

The Epistles of of Evidence [. . .] or loyalty No 7 = in 36 then are not we of both Solomon’s pillars—for Masons worship his houses of no bottom & I worship his Gods Temple—They are very distinct—One is a bad bawdy house

The Little book John is the revelation at is the book of American Constitution signed among others by that Sage Ths Jefferson—a great man (Though an Englishman I own it) for my Urim & Thummin kills Viper King-craft black snake priest-craft & copperhead masons whisper craft by Sea-serpent or Leviathan of Truth—

Draw a neat [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] of Christ on N make mathematically 2 fig: of 1st Book Euclid—draw all the lines to intersection to the Left or W you will find a gallows for Iscariot Slave mason founded in (a small) 48th prop [GRAPHIC IN MANUSCRIPT] of 18 points each pillars length the 4th quarter free of intersection shews that one quarter of the City of Spiritual Troy at this North is free of earthly pollution. Forgive me—I am poor I never was a sworn mason (or would save you postage

& know only by hearsay—
Edward Postlethwayt Page

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