Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Aaron Cress, 9 February 1820

University Febry the 9th 1820


Mr Thomas Jefferson we have taken it in to concideration for to in forme you of our situation at present that is by and threw you by puting confidence in you we came on here for to do your work now we have been here at work seven months and have not receieved ennoy compensation for our work as yet and there fore we have determind on quiting the place now we are entirely destitute of money so that we can go off and some of us has family, and what can be there situation in a strange place No friends no money we have been dependen on this payment for our money but we under stand that we will not git one cent there fore we have taken it in to concederation to in forme you of our Situation at present hopeing that you will concider our cituation and takeit in hand. and git us means to git off as we have determined on going we all think it your duty to do so for us as Macannaiks are depending on there daly labour for there Subsistance and we think our case very hard to be brought frome a distance and cannot git the ways and means to git away a gain after working so long men who has nothing for to depend on but his daly labour and there fore we hope that you will take it into concideration and study our situation and do the best that you can fore us NoMore at present

Aaron Cress

David Robinson

Thomas Leeson

John C White

Laurence Meade

Samuel Forman

Joseph Taylor

James Megan

William Pitt

Thomas Pickering

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