Thomas Jefferson Papers

Arthur S. Brockenbrough: TJ’s Instructions for Bricklaying, ca. 1819-1823, 1819

Not a single samel brick to be used not more than 2 bots in ten bricks the bond to be header & stretcher through the whole thickness and in every course of bricks to be solidly grouted the cement ⅔ sand & ⅓ lime sand the wall to be ½ a brick thicker than in the drawings to be added inside—the outer bricks uniform in colour and of the colour of Pavilions 2 and 4—the brick work to be contracted for to the top of the Corinthian cornice only at first—the carpenters to have a right to examine the correctness of the work as it goes on and to notify the Proctor in time for correction if anything be going on wrong

The plank used by the Carpenters to be completely seasoned—the ribs of the roof to be completely semicircular of 4 thicknesses breaking joints—

the curbed plate of 4 thicknesses also of 3d such thick breaking joints and iron bolted.

the first under taking to be only of the walls, roof Corinthian entablature, windows, doors, floors & staircases the carpenters work at the Printed prices and where not specified among them to be settled before hand

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