Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Archibald Stuart, 9 December 1819

Staunton 9th Decr 1819

Dear Sir

The beare here of is Mr Fuller professor of Mathematics in the Staunton Academy: he has been exercising himself some time in calculations with a view of simplifying the mode of as certaining the longitude of places which he is desirous of submiting to your inspection—

I do not consider my self Competent to decide on its merits and have advised him not to venture on its publication without your approbation—

I have learned with great pleasure from Mr Crawford who attended your last Court That your health is improving & hope to hear on Mr Fullers return that it is entirely restored—

permit me to suggest the propriety of your wearing Flanel This Winter—It may be troublesome a few days but will soon become agreeable & I feel confident will be attended with the best consequences—Fine red flanel is the most suitable for the purpose as it will not Thicken by use—

I hope the English Govt who have been so busy in medling with the affairs of Other Nations will shortly be fully employed at home—

That you may long enjoy health & happiness is the devout wish of

Your Affectionate Friend

ArchD: Stuart

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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