Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson: Notes of a Conversation with Michael Raggi, 4 Nov. 1819, 4 November 1819

1819. Nov. 4. notes of a conversn with Michael Raggi

I agreed to advance, to be pd his wife in Leghorn 150
 also for her passage viâ Bordeaux 150
 to advance to his bror (to attend his wife) for his passage 150

The brother, who is an Ornatist, to be allowed 526.D. a year, repay in the passage money and to be engaged to the end of Michel’s term. nothing was said about his board, or lodging.

I agreed to have remitted to the wife of Giacomo 150. D

1819. Feb. 17. @ 526.D. a year each. 43.83 pr month cod. due each recd 200.D. in part.

desire mr Appleton to propose 600.D. a year to the brother, he boarding & lodging himself

to count from his arrival at Charlottesville.

to repay his passage out of his wages.

to be engaged to the end of Michel’s term. viz. Feb. 17. 1822.


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