Thomas Jefferson Papers

Donald Fraser: Biographical Sketch of TJ, 10 Oct. 1819, 10 October 1819

Thomas Jefferson, Esqr. A Native Virginia,—That State, has proved very—Prolific, in producing great & good men,—Mr J. has held many Important Stations:—The duties of which, he filled, with great Ability & strict Integrity.—He has been twice Elected President of these United States, Minister to a Foreign Court, Secretary of State, & Governor of his Native State.—Mr Jefferson is a man of much Urbanity, or Plain Republican Demeanor; & tho, wealthy, Devoid of ostentation:—That he is a firm & undeviating Patriot, is well Known. He is a profound Scholar, & one of the first-rate Sages, that his Country can boast of.

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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