Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Thomas Cooper, 13 September 1819

Philadelphia Spr 13. 1819.

Dear sir

I wrote to you at the Bedford Springs of this State, supposing from what I saw in the newspapers, you might be there.

The castings are at last furnished. J Vaughan has undertaken to forward them according to your directions. The seal is done; & the impression sent to you, which as soon as it receives your approbation I will pay for, as I shall for the castings, when the account is sent to me.

I have received an offer which I consider as worth my while to accept to give a course of lectures this winter at Lexington Kentucky, where they propose to begin an University by a first course of lectures the ensuing season. I shall be at Charlottesville the first of April, but as I must do something for my living, I believe I shall accept the Kentucky offer ad interim.

The manufacturers are very busy here, promoting meetings, societies and addresses to obtain from the next Congress, an encrease of the Tariff. I have opposed them by an essay signed “Indagator” in the Analectic magazine about two numbers back, & I think I shall again put pen to paper to shew that it is a scheme on part of the Manufacturers to pick the pocket of the farmers.

I remain always with great respect Dear sir

Your friend & Servant

Thomas Cooper

Mr. Correa is well


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