Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Bernard Peyton, 28 July 1819

Rich’d 28 July 1819

Dear Sir,

Since the rect your esteemed favor 19th: current I have been constantly looking out for a safe conveyance for the articles you wrote for, & have this moment only succeeded, such is the scarcity of Boats owing to the unusual low state of the river, & which I fear will prevent your recg them for some time—

I have procured the Tangiers & Soccudy, Crackers, raisins & shad of superior quality, (as represented by the Grocer, for I am no judge of them) but the Cheese is not of the very best, nor is such to be had in the place, after dilligent search, it is tho’ I believe the best of its kind (Goshen) & certainly superior to any other I could meet with, I hope it will be found to answer tolerably well.—I called at Mr. Darmsdatts for the shad, but find him absent from the City on a visit to the springs. These articles are carefully packed, (all but the shad in an outer Case) & marked, & addressed to the care Archibald Robertson Esqr Lynchburg, where they will reach you safely.

I hope to see you in bedford in the course of my summer’s excusion to the upper country which I commence in a few days

[. . .] great respect & esteem Dr sir, Your Mo: Obd:

B. Peyton

P.S. I recd a few days since from Mr. Coffee of New York 4 Casks Cement for you, & from Philadelphia a small Box Books, all of which shall be fordd by the first Boat to Milton.

B. P.

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