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Joseph Marx: Resolutions by Creditors & Trustees of Smith & Riddle, 6 July 1819, 6 July 1819

At a meeting of the Creditors of the late firm of Smith & Riddle,

Richmond, July 6, 1819. 

Joseph Marx, Esquire, in the Chair.

After examining the papers laid before them, containing a statement of the situation of their affairs, it was resolved unanimously,

That while we regret the unfortunate issue of their business, arising chiefly from misplaced and much abused confidence in a Mercantile House of this City, together with misfortunes of other Houses elsewhere, we are satisfied with the correctness of their conduct and integrity of their principles.

Resolved, That the assignment of their property for the benefit of their Creditors, received our approbation, and that we have entire confidence in the responsibility and integrity of the Assignees, namely, Messrs. James Gibbon, David Barclay, and Charles Palmer.

Resolved, That we recommend the distant creditors not represented in this meeting, speedily to appoint Agents to sign a discharge, and thereby become entitled to the benefit of the Assignment.

Resolved, That in consideration of the assistance that will be required of Messrs. Smith & Riddle in the settlement of their affairs, it is recommended, notwithstanding the provisions in the Deed of Trust, to leave them in full and unconditional possession of their Household furniture & Domestic property.

Resolved, That a Copy of the preceding resolutions, be handed to Messrs. Smith & Riddle, signed by the Creditors present.

The above Resolutions were unanimously adopted by the meeting.



We, the undersigned duly appointed Trustees, for the Estate of the late firm of Smith & Riddle, Merchants of this City, for the benefit of their Creditors, having the most implicit confidence in the honor and integrity of Mr. Andrew Smith, a partner of the late firm, have solicited and received his consent, to lend his aid in endeavouring to settle the outstanding accounts, and closing the concerns:

We therefore, hereby, fully authorize the said Andrew Smith, to demand, collect (and if necessary) to sue to judgment and rocovery, all balances or debts due to the said late firm of Smith and Riddle, and to deposit in the Bank of Virginia, or the Farmers’ Bank, all monies so collected, to be appropriated agreeably to the tenor of the Deed of Trust, executed by the said Smith and Riddle, the 6th day of July, 1819, unanimously approved of under the seal and signature of every resident Creditor, as well as such Agents of distant Creditors, as attended the meeting.

In testimony of which, we have hereunto set our hands and seals in Richmond, this 9th day of July, 1819.

James Gibbon, (Seal.) } TRUSTEES.
David Barclay, (Seal.)
Charles Palmer. (Seal.)

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