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To Thomas Jefferson from John Barnes, 21 June 1819

Geo Town Coy 21st June 1819.

Dear Sir

Agreable to your favr 12th I called at the residence of M. Politeca—and delivered the inclusion to his servants, who informed WP. was then on a Visit—to Mount Vernon, and expected his return in a day or two—I left my Name and withal—from whom the packet was recd

He replied WP. he believed—intended to pay Mr Jefferson a Visit. very soon—

you remark’d the inclosed letter “was too long for you to Copy” (I deemed it proper to reserve a Copy in Case it might hereafter become Necessary to refer to—I can at any time furnish you therewith—

—In my letter 10th Jany 1818. to which beg leave you will refer to—I omitted—what perhaps. may be Useless—viz.—the Int due at the date of the Genl decease—as per the Comptrollers Opinion—Namely—

On the $ 12,500 from 30th Sepr to 15 Oct. 15 days a 6 Ct $ 30. 82–
on— $ 4600 from 20 Sepr to do 25 days a 3 Ct 25. 21
(2re it Applied for Mr Wirt.)— $ 56. 03.

Most Respectfully. Dear Sir, your Obedt Servt

John Barnes,

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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