Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Joel Yancey, 13 June 1819

Poplar Forest 13th June 1819

Dr Sir

I wrote you in the morning 10th Inst. and on the same Evening about 3 oClock: there was greatest hail storm I ever saw. your House appears to have bien the centre of it, the damage is immense, a few ps. wheat in Perrys I do not think will be worth calling & all the rest & oats very much injured at Tomahawk. B. Cr. is not materially hurt by the hail but greatly damaged by the great rains, that fell yesterday and the day before, washing away intirely about 20 m Tobacco hills that was planted & growing very prettely. the corn is beat a good deal, by the hail but I hope it will come out again but every thing in the garden is intirely destroyed & 77 panes of glass broken to atoms and the House flooded with water. You may form some Idia, destruction, when assure you that the yard was covered, and the hail stones generally larger than partridge eggs I have been told that some measured 3 Inches round, the damage on my little farm cannot be less 1000 Ds short crops last year, the low prices, and the present gloomy prospects, I do not know what is to become of us, the glass if to be procured, in Lynchburg I will have put in, but I have never seen any there as large panes, as those in your windows & doors. we fortunately finished planting before the hail except 5 m at Tomahawk, but they have been plentifully supplyd from B. Creek so that we have been over at both places twice, every plant in the beds at Tom. was destroyed by the hail. wishing you health & happiness, & that we may have the pleasure of seeing you at harvest I am with great respect

J. Yancey

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