Thomas Jefferson Papers

Thomas Jefferson: Memo re. account with William Fitz, 19 May 1819, 19 May 1819

Extracts from my Memorandum book of matters of acct with Wm Fitz

1810. Aug. 6. settled account with Oglesby & Fitz for last year’s rent of warehouse

 £ s d
amd after allowing  5–12–6 for J. H. Craven bringing up nailrod
and 19–12–1 my order in favr of Craven
I now recieve 16–13–8 balance

1813. Apr. 6. recieved from Wm Fitz 20. D. on acct of wood & rent.

Sep. 23. Wm Fitz paid E. Bacon for me 20. D.

1814. Apr. 5. recd from Wm Fitz for firewood 7. D.

1815. June 5. recd from Wm Fitz 15. D. on account.

1817. May 15. mr Bacon has recd from Wm Fitz 20D. which he pays to Mary Bacon

1819. Mar 1. recd from Wm Fitz thro’ E. Bacon 50. D. on acct of the warehouse.

May 19. Wm Fitz has paid E. Bacon 30. D. which E. Bacon pays to Maupins corn.

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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