Thomas Jefferson Papers

From Thomas Jefferson to Frederick A. Mayo, 9 April 1819

Monticello. Apr. 9. 19.


I am so well satisfied with your bindings that a box of books which I had made up to send to Millagan, I have addressed to you and sent it to Milton to be forwarded by Johnson’s boat, being the particular one I trust with all my water carriage. be pleased to bind them all in your best manner, gilt and letter according to the labels, & above all solidly pressed. when ready, deliver them to Capt Payton & send me your account. I subjoin the list of the books and the lettering for each which is an exact copy of the labels affixed to the books themselves separately. the 4. vols of Nov. test. Griesbach & Newcome having their leaves cut asunder, and interleaved, will require peculiar care not to misplace a single leaf, I salute you with respect.

Th: Jefferson

Nov. test Griesbach, Newcome, 4.v.

Epictetus Bodoni.

Planche. Dict. Gr. Fr.

Geometrie de Legendre.

Plinii Epristolae. 2.v.

Logarithm. Sin. Tang. la Lande.

Plinii Panegyricus. Sacy.

Tacitus de Chamalle 6.v.

Denys d’Halicarn. Bellanger. 6.v.

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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