Thomas Jefferson Papers

Joshua Dodge: Agreement with Creditors, 3 Feb. 1819, 3 February 1819

Extract of Joshua Dodge’s Concordat with his Creditors:

We the underSigned Creditors of Mr Joshua Dodge are convinced that the impossibility in which Mr Dodge finds himself to pay in full his engagements arises from the reimbursements to which he is liable in consequence of the protests for non payment made against the drawers or acceptors of Sundry commercial engagements on which he is drawn and from the claims which the holders have a right to exercise against him; and they, the Creditors, acknowledging that the events which render Mr Dodge liable to their reimbursements are events unexpected & unfortunate & that there is no regress to make against the probity of Mr Dodge he having always observed the order & economy that a merchant ought to observe in his personal & other expences, and wishing to treat him with the favor he merits in these unfortunate circumstances in which he finds himself & to preserve to him the honours of Commerce, have agreed as follows … Mr Dodge preserve the honours of Commerce and he is dispensed from giving in a Statement of his affairs or the depositing of his writings &c &c Marseilles the 3 February 1819.

Signed by the Creditors.

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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