Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from Pseudonym: "Zed", 3 February 1819

Feb 3d 1819

Citizeen Jefferson Sir

As the publick has gave you the credit of Drafting the Declaration of Independance, and as you have filld the greatest offices in the power that the people have to give you, which dutes you apear to have Dischargd to their Satisfaction, all this has placd you on a eminance, that your opinion and good Judgment, or recomendation will go further than any one other Citizeen in the Ud States. and as I am as old a man as you, my mind has been impressd with a subject that I think of some consequence to the Nation, at this particular time or Period—That is, All nations in Europe, Assea, and Africa have time emamerial have Assumd a National name, which the are known and calld by, and not by the particular Quarter of the glove the reside or fixd in, and we are fixd in from 30 to 45 or 46 North Latitude, in America, and there is other people speaking a different language, setled in both North, and South, Latitude, and at this area the are contending for their liberty, and National existance And our politicians all say or think the well be successfull. and there is no doubt, but their will be three or four independant governments, in their Teritory of soil the hold, and its well known, the are a mixd blooded population, with the Natives and African blood, and a few generations hence, there will not be a clear blooded european to be seen, all all, A perfect Tawney blooded Nation—And should this scheme of colonizeing and sending all our free blacks, of from us their free, and hereafter to be freed, by their masters takes place which is the best policy, that war can take place to hold the union togather, and keep down Jealouseys between No & So slave holders, this plan will keep us a clear blooded nation.

Now Sir is not now the verry time to Assume a national Name, Franklin has said we doubled our population in eighteen years, I find many say ours is Ten Millions, and in twenty or twenty five years we shall be, twenty Million. Mother Britton is only fourteen Million in Europe, and never will be More, and the Ud States one hundred years hence, will be five times the number, speaking the same Language Query.

Doth not true, ambition, and National pride, honour And Glory Joind with true policey. say both houses of Congress should take the Subject up, and pass a Resolution, to Assume a National name, and why cant you have the Honour, and Credit of naming it.

The best authentic history Agrees that Columbus found this quarter of the Globe, And not Americanus, he pilferd and Stole the name, , now sir I verily, verily believe you are the man that can restore to his M[. . .] a part of his Just due, by calling all the Ud States Columbia, and by dating from it in all our ex[. . .] it will be known throughout this Globe, surely Columbia will sound on the Drum, of the ear. as musical as Americans. And on this change of name, we will be known all over this globe from all the Tawney Nations to the No & So of this Quarter of the globe, now sir I feel as if I had done and fulfild a duty and remindd or forwardd my Mite, of information to you. for your superior Judgt to mature and aprove or Disaprove

I am &c with sentiment of great Esteem


Note- I have not a doubt a note from you to Jas Monroe will bring forward such a resolution and Name

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