Thomas Jefferson Papers

To Thomas Jefferson from J. Louis Fernagus De Gelone, 7 January 1819

New York January 7. 1819.


herein is the bill of lading of a box directed to you, care of Capt. Bernard Peyton, Richmond, Va and shipped on board the schooner Weymouth bound to that place. the box contains:

1. Ducange, Glossarium mediœ & infimæ œtatis.
 3. folio. bound in vellum $20.—
1. Dictionnaire Grec français de Planche.. 8vo bound  6.25.
1. Suetone. Latin. do 4. 8vo do  7.50
1. Appien, Guerres Civiles. 3. do do  7.—
1. Salluste, Dureau La Malle. 1. do do  2.25.
1. henri IV, Perefixe. Sewed  “.87½
1. Affections catharrales, Cabanis. 8vo do  “.75
1. Pline le Jeune, Lat. français. 3. 12o do }  2.87—
 with panagyrique de trajan.
1. Denis d’halicarnasse. Antiquities Romains.
 Beranger. 6. 8vo Sewed  10.—
1. Epictetus. vellum. Bodoni. Greek Italian. 12o
boards  5.37½
1. Journal, Bibliographie de la france. Years—
1814.15.16. with tables and year 1817 without tables—
(not furnished, because they are a little spoiled with my—
own remarks—You will see the Subscription price is
18 francs a year  20.00.
You received from my Clerk Mr Belair
1. Logarithmes Lalande. 18o  “.87½
1. Diction. Grec, Planche, 8o  6.25.
1. Correspondance de fern. Cortez & Charles V  1.12½
I myself sent you from York. 1. Logarithmes,
Lalande 18o  “.87½
 Yesterday, I directed to you the 1vol vol.
of Tacite, Dureau Lachalle. french Latin. the
whole shall go, 1. vol. at one time, and is  13.50.
I will direct you by the Same way (Mail)
1. Geometrie de Le Gendre 1817  2.50
I received from you  90.00
$ 18.00

You will have a right to the continuation of Bibliographie de france, if it is your wish. I have the Nos of 1818. to October.

with respect to antient books, I have a single vol. of Cailleau’s Dictionnaire Bibliograph.—I had reserved it for myself. as I expect, sir, You will honour me with your custom and very high recommendation,—it is at your disposal. it is complete in itself.

I have just opened several boxes arrived from france. there is a Dictionnaire Pratique du Medecine et Chirurgie, Pougens. 1814. 2. 8vo $4.50. it has no Greek Lexicon, but a synonymy of old and new Chemistry.

there is also, hre del’ Inquisition d’Espagne, par Llorente. 4. 8v 1818. an excellent book. $9.50.

I have resolved to open a book-Store in Georgetown (D. C.) within three weeks. then I Shall be very happy to serve you more at your wish. My establishment is well founded, but would perish if it was not encouraged. I however have the greatest hopes of a success.

I am most respectfully


Your most humble and obedient Servant

Fernagus De Gelone

MHi: Coolidge Collection.

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