Alexander Hamilton Papers

Enclosure: Account of Cash Paid to the Credit of John Barker Church, [25 January 1794]


Account of Cash paid & arising from Notes of hand to come to the credit of John Barker Church Esquire (thro the hands of Alexander Hamltion Esqr.) one half to be credited to account for three parcels of Lands purchased by Tench Coxe for the joint & equal account of sd. Church & said Coxe—AD. 1793

1793 By a Payment of
Apl. 9 500 Dollars one half to be a loan to sd. Coxe on lawful interest payable in three years & one half to be invested in a moiety of said Lands.
11 500 Do ½ do and ½ do
15 800 Do ½ do and ½ do
19 1500 Do ½ do and ½ do
May 1 500 Do ½ do and ½ do
17 500 Do ½ do and ½ do
20 1000 Do ½ do and ½ do
June 3  900 Do ½ do and ½ do
6200 Drs. agreeably to Note of Payments furnished before
Decr 23 600 Do ½ do and ½ do
Jany 8 850 Do ½ do and ½ do
10 293 60/100 Drs* ½ do and ½ do
14 1850 Do ½ do and ½ do
9793 60/100
25th Ball.  260
40/100 remainder to be divided like the foregoing, when rec. into a loan, as to one half & into the investments made in the lands for the other half.
Drs. 10,000
    Dollars, which having been invested in the Lands, one half is the property of Mr. Church, & one half mine, and I am to give my Bond for 5000 Dollars. This completes the arrangement of the Transaction.

Mr. Hamilton pd. the above 206 40/100 Drs this 25th. Jany 1794—and I gave him up the note for 300 Drs. refered in the last Note*, on the transaction of the 10th. & 11th. of Jany. last, which concludes all my demands upon him for the 10000 Drs. invested for our joint Account in Lands & for his own Due to me.

6AD, Papers of Tench Coxe in the Coxe Family Papers at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Authorial notes

[The following note(s) appeared in the margins or otherwise outside the text flow in the original source, and have been moved here for purposes of the digital edition.]

* This payment was made in a Note for 600 Dollars, discounted & leaving Drs. 593 60/100 of wch. the Rect. was acknowledged, & out of which 300 Drs. were afterwards returned. Wherefore only 293 60/100 Drss are credited in this paper.

* Note Feb. 22d. 1795. I pd. 17000 Acs. C & C’s lands for Jackson Steedman & Co with Ruston in June 1793—who advd. 200 Drs. to Ball & Smith in Apl. or May 1792.

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