Benjamin Franklin Papers

List of Persons to Whom Passes Have Been Given, [5 January – 3 October 1782]

List of Persons to Whom Passes Have Been Given5

D:6 American Philosophical Society

[January 5–October 3, 1782]

List of Persons to whom Passes have been given in the Year 1782.
Names. where going to Date
Henry Wyld7 Ostende 5. Jan. 82.
Robert Gray L’Orient Do
Aaron Dexter8 &
Thos Winthrop
} Nantes & L’Orient Do
Benj. Parker &
Jos. Winthrop
} Nantes & L’Orient Do—
Isaac Smith, Bellimy Kan,
& Alexr Thomas.
} Nantes & L’Orient Do.—
Capt. Silas Talbot.9 Nantes Do
Gurdon Bill Do— 6 Jan. 82
John Hunt Ostende— 7 Do—
Isaac Brown. Nantes 9. Do
William Moran,1 } Nantes 14 Jany 82
Jesse Breed,
Andrew Floyd,
Ephraim Wales,
Robt. Smallpiece,
Alexr. Ore,
James Hamilton &
Edward Harper.
Thomas Munro } Nantes 22 Jany 1782
Peter Price
John Cowin
Uzal Woodruff
Robert Haddock } Nantes & L’Orient 16. Feby.1782
Joseph Veeseley
Theodore Hopkins2 } Nantes 31. Mars 1782
George Harrison
Mr. Searle Nantes & Bordeaux 3. Avril 1782.
Saml. Smidley Amsterdam 11. Avril 1
Moses Young Ostende 14. Avril 1782.
Courtauld Brest Do.
Myers Amsterdam. Do.
Chever Do 21. Do
Mr. Ridley Do 5 May 82
Mess Rawle et Walker Ostende 8 Do
Mess Ming & Norcom Nantes 9 Do
Murow & 2 others Do 8 Do.
Alcock William & five others Do. 15 May Do.
William Stephenson & Georg Cabit Do 22 May Do.
Mrs. Henderson & Williams Nantes 29. May do.
Mr. & Mde. Bacon L’Orient 3. Juin 1782.
Mr. Manifold Nantes 5. Juin 1782.
La Demoiselle Richards Ostende 8. Juin 1782.
Mr. Browne Nantes 15. Juin 1782
Mr. Tho: Munrowe Ostende & d’ostende à Nantes 18. Juin 1782
Mr. Henry Mitchel Amsterdam Do.
Mde. Mary Adams Ostende 26 Juin 1782.
Messrs. Dawes & Vaux— Ostende 24 Juillet 1782.
Mr. Mayo Geneve Do.
Mr. Simonds: avec deux matelots Nantes le 2 aout 1782.
Mr. Bell et La Delle. Beckwith Ostende le 16 août 1782.
Messrs. Smith, Mansfield & Porter Nantes le 26. août 1782.
Made. Lavau Rochefort le 3. Oct. 1782.
[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

5This single sheet, both sides of which are completely filled, is the only surviving record of passports BF issued to individuals. As such, it is a tantalizing indication of what their overall numbers might have been. Scarcely more than a dozen passports have been located from the period between BF’s appointment as minister plenipotentiary in 1779 (when he began printing them) and his departure from France in 1785. For the first example see XXX, 181–2, and the accompanying illustration.

6The list was established by WTF. Mumford wrote the entries for Jan. 14 and 22, and thereafter, they are primarily in the hand of L’Air de Lamotte, with occasional entries by WTF.

7The representative of a group of Manchester manufacturers. Wyld visited BF on Jan. 2, and then returned to England; see BF’s journal, Jan. 1–3, and Wyld’s letters of Jan. 2 and Feb. 12.

8A Boston physician who was travelling with Thomas and Joseph Winthrop and Dr. Benjamin Parker. They had come to Paris from Amsterdam bearing a letter of introduction from John Thaxter to WTF (Dec. 19, 1781, APS). See also Adams Correspondence, V, 82n.

9For both Talbot and Bill, escaped prisoners, see the Editorial Note on Promissory Notes, above.

1Moran and the following thirteen men were escaped prisoners; see the Editorial Note on Promissory Notes.

2For whom see JW to BF, Nov. 22, 1781, above.

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