Benjamin Franklin Papers

The Printer to the Reader, 23 October 1729

The Printer to the Reader

Printed in The Pennsylvania Gazette, October 23, 1729.

The Publishers of this Paper meeting with considerable Encouragement, are determined to continue it; and to that End have taken Measures to settle a general Correspondence, and procure the best and earliest Intelligence from all Parts. We shall from time to time have all the noted Publick Prints from Great Britain, New-England, New-York, Maryland and Jamaica, besides what News may be collected from private Letters and Informations; and we doubt not of continuing to give our Customers all the Satisfaction they expect from a Performance of this Nature.

From this Time forward, instead of publishing a Whole Sheet once a Week, as the first Undertaker engag’d to do in his Proposals, we shall publish a Half Sheet twice a Week, which amounts to the same Thing; only we think it will be more acceptable to our Readers, inasmuch as their Entertainment will by this Means become more frequent. Numb. XLIV. will come out on Monday next.4

[Note numbering follows the Franklin Papers source.]

4The issue of October 27 repeated the second paragraph of this notice and added the following: “Those Gentlemen that are Subscribers, living in the Country, have their Papers carefully sent them sealed up by the first Opportunity; others that chuse to send for them have them always ready with their Names wrote upon each Paper. And our Country Correspondents are desired to acquaint as soon as possible with every remarkable Accident, Occurence, &c. fit for publick Notice, that may happen within their Knowledge, in Order to make this Paper more universally intelligent.”

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